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In today's extremely competitive manufacturing market, effective production planning and scheduling processes are critical to streamlining production and increasing profits. Success in these areas means increased efficiency, capacity utilization, and reduced time required to complete jobs.

Poslip Production module help you with predefine production formula for one stop or multiple stage manufacturing process. And proceed to Production Planning and Industrial Scheduling with formula or instant creating a formula including set of markup value from one or multiple machine/unit from one or multiple location.

Key Features

Raw Material and Finish Goods Listing

Raw Material: Create inventory and non inventory items to update raw material list.
Finish Goods: Create finish goods with production card.


Poslip procurement is usually divided into four major processes: planning, selection, administering and closing procurements. Planning involves the creation of the official procurement management plan and selection based on previous history, documents… available in the software.


One of the most challenging aspects of running a business is learning how to effectively manage your inventory so you have what your customers need and want without having much excess. Whether it's deciding what and how much to order, when to order, keeping an accurate count of your products, and knowing how to handle excess and shortages.

xxx..Production Card

Menu Card: Create menu cards with required ingredients. Sell menu from available ingredients. System will stock OUT ingredients and manage menu automatically.
Onetime Menu Card: Create onetime menu instantly with required ingredients. Sell this menu from available ingredients. System will stock OUT ingredients and manage the onetime menu automatically.

xxx. Scheduling

Poslip offers web based and app based Point of sale (POS) system for you, where your customer makes the payment for goods or services that are offered by your company. This POS is integrated with your relevant warehouse, your eCommerce website and your eCommerce app.


Simply create your product list from poslip app see your e-commerce website and your own brand mobile app ready to taking order from customers. These website and app is integrated with our POS system to track everything of your business.

Service We Provide

Global Support

Chat: Online and offline chat support is provided for all users.

Email: We’re ready to answer all your questions with email support for all issue about the software.

Support by Local People

Call center: With support centers in multiple country/location, our friendly support team is quick to respond, on every channel.

Onsite Support: Onsite support will normally be provided between prescribe time period for local support center.

Video Guide

In the time of using the software you will see a overview icon and a video icon in necessary pages. You will guided by quick reading user guide or watching a small video for using steps.

Multi-Language Support

Poslip is a multi-language software support by local partners in various country/location. So that you can use this software in multiple language at a time and receive our state of the art technology support by your local people.

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