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eCommerce Operations

OwnDomain eCommrce Website

You don't need to create your website. Just subscribe the eCommerce service and choose a template/theme from our design store then quickmas website builder automatically build a website for you from your product catelog

Track outside supplies of foods and all supporting stock i.e. cookeries and other accessories.

The website will displayed on your own domain

Get additional orders from your website

Your personalized eCommerce App for your customers

Commercial Marketplaces

Listing Management: Complete catalogue management to update, sync and push all listing information across all of our listed marketplaces.

Unified Order Processing: Orders from all your channels synced directly with your inventory, warehouse, fulfillment or ERP workflows.

Cross Listing: Copy/Clone your entire catalogue from your warehouse to any/all of our listed marketplace in a few clicks.

Personalized Mobile App

Your own brand android app

Your customer can download this app from playstore

Online order and delivery management

Accept E-payment

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